Benjamin Flaxman is a Sydney and Brisbane based Director & Producer. He is currently freelance in the Australian-market and other regions not listed below.

Benjamin has over 17 years experience in the Australian Advertising industry and works across commercials, content and social media.

Whilst his background originated in professional theatre and directing highly acclaimed scripts as well as new works with some of Australia’s finest actors; these days Benjamin focuses on developing highly visual commercial content with a cinematic edge. He also has a specialisation in the dark arts of food shooting. He dives into the depths of the saucy oceans, avoiding being singed by immersive flames, flying around in the kitchen air or gently observing bubbling ponds of simmering soups.

Visual storytelling and honest natural performances are always core to his work. He mostly achieves most effects in-camera which requires an intricate attention to detail and immense patience. He often will come into a project during its development stage.

Being a highly experienced Commercial Producer also gives Benjamin a sound basis of being able to work within the confines of budget and time and creatively adapting to suit the scope.


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