Ben is a freelance Australian Commercials Director & Producer who has worked with some of the biggest global agencies. Over the past fifteen years, he has produced work across a variety of categories but is one of the leading local producers in Tabletop.

He primarily directs food commercials which evolved naturally from nearly a decade working closely producing work with a range of food directors and cinematographers. This brought the journey full circle as Ben got his start directing theatre early in his career where he had extensive experience and training in working with actors.

So whilst he may be comfortable throwing food in the air in visually appealing fashion, he is well versed in getting natural performances from actors. Ultimately, Ben is interested in created visually arresting work that has a cinematic style and approach.

Ben is tertiary educated, post graduate who is a professional, collaborative, hard working, trustworthy production partner who will go above and beyond to deliver a production you can be proud of.

In his spare time, he is a hobbyist photographer with an interest in landscapes, portraits and macro photography as well as being an avid film geek!

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